5 Reasons to Study Electronics Engineering

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June 27, 2017
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July 3, 2017

5 Reasons to Study Electronics Engineering

by CWMc

So, you’ve just completed your high school and are now preparing to join the college. You’re wondering which engineering trade to join. Your choice of trade depends on your specific interests. And if you want a career in automation, telecommunication and embedded systems, electronics engineering technical diploma may be the right choice for you.

You’ll be able to develop a strong background in the areas of interfacing and installation of electronic systems, control systems, computer hardware and networks, communication systems, data communications, and RF transmission and measurements. You get the best of both worlds – theory and hands-on experience. Centennial College’s program offers you solid theoretical foundation while incorporating the opportunities to work with computers, communication transceivers and other equipment.

However, this is not the only reason for becoming an electronics engineering technician. There are many other advantages that this particular engineering trade offers you over others. Here are five reasons for why you may want to study electronics engineering:

1.The trade offers employment opportunities worldwide.

Studying electronics not only makes you ‘Mr./Ms. Fix-It’ but also opens doors to a lot of employment opportunities worldwide. Knowledge in electronics shop practices, digital electronics, programming, communication transceivers and microcontrollers doesn’t limit you to employment in your home country. Electronics engineering technicians are required everywhere in the world.

2.The job is never monotonous.

This is one field where innovations and advancements are continuous. There is new stuff in the market all the time. The electronics systems are either modified or reinvented all the time, if not invented. So, you’ll get to work on different equipment, devices and systems all the time. And it’s never going to get boring.

3.You have diverse career options.

As an electronic engineering tech, you can find employment across diverse industry verticals. This is one of the engineering trades that do not restrict employment opportunities to manufacturing or programming concerns. You may find employment in manufacturing, sales, service, telecommunications, fibre optics, consumer electronics, industrial electronics and wireless communication systems.

4.You can become an OACETT certified engineering technician.

If you enroll in a school of engineering technology and applied science that is CTAB recognized, the chances of employment upon graduation dramatically improve. Moreover, you are eligible to become an OACETT certified engineering technician by applying for its membership. This further enhances your employment prospects.

5.You get ample DIY opportunities during the program duration.

May be do-it-yourself seems the most exciting reason to you for getting into an electronics engineering course. Once you know what goes into making and assembling electronics systems, you can make your own stuff. Who says creativity is just limited to arts students? It’s very well a part of electronics engineering as well. Making your own electronics devices add more weight to your resume.

6.You have the option of paid co-op terms.

Want to get out in field to involve in some real time action? Well, this particular trade sets you free to take on paid co-op terms and get your hands dirty. You will join a multi-disciplinary group to design and manufacture equipment, conduct research and testing and provide maintenance and technical support. Centennial College makes it easy for you to look for co-op terms through its industry partnerships.

Electronics engineering is an international business; so, having a professional diploma in this field gives you the opportunity to work across the globe on diverse projects.

Author offers advice to high school grads on why they should consider studying Electronics Engineering Technician in college. Area of focus includes benefits that this particular engineering trade offers.

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