Electronic Gadgets and the Future: What it Holds

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June 24, 2017
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June 27, 2017

Electronic Gadgets and the Future: What it Holds

by sailn1

“Since the boom of the cell phone and other gadgets in the late 90s, the world has now been a gadget planet. Everywhere you go, may it be the rich, the middle class or even the poor they have their own versions of the latest electronic gadgets. So how does one cope with the gadget trend? Read on to find out.

Gadgets started out as important tools for people to use and not just for entertainment. Since then when the genius people of our society got an idea and said, “Hey, why not make a gadget that can be so small yet can be a full entertainment system?” the end result was the world came to know different kinds of gadgets. It started with a Walkman that had the technology of a computer hence the mp3 players were born. Then they wanted to combine things up for example the mp3 player can be integrated with a very handy device that we use every day like the cell phone. That resulted to cell phones that had music player applications and function in them. From there, they wanted it to be smaller, more convenient, plays movies, cheap and many more functions. That exploded and super high tech gadgets were born. Gadget shops for the rich and poor appeared out of nowhere like frogs after a rainy day. The rich had a gadgets shop that sold original or legit and very expensive gadgets while the poor had gadget shops that had products that have been imitated from the originals. They might not be that great but at least it worked for them. Everybody wants cheap gadgets especially if they can get it half the price of the original ones. Maybe it is not that stable but at least they still have the same functions and the middle class and the poor get to experience the technology.

A lot of different kinds of gadgets were born. There are the cellphones that have different kinds of functions like the basic phone function, the mp3 player, the video clip player, storage for data, a camera, games and many more. It is like the cellphone nowadays is the new Swiss knife except of course that it has electric functions only. Then there are the notepads which function similarly as a PC or a laptop. It is handier and you can interact with its menu with your fingertips. It is also similar with the latest cellphone but it mainly is used as a laptop of sorts, not as a phone. Then there are the mini sound systems, the super expensive and illustrious DSLR cameras, video game handhelds, pc gadgets and so many more. We can’t name them all because that will take a long time to enumerate.

Anyways, the future of gadgets will most likely be in smaller size. Not that the future will be small mind you but the size of the gadget. It seems the tech guys always find ways to make the gadgets smaller so that it would be easy to carry around. In the old days it was all about how large your sound system was or how loud it was but nowadays they want it pocket sized. It is ideal though, no argument there.

Whatever the future may hold, gadgets will always be convenient and will always be expensive. Rush to your gadgets shop then.”

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