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May 19, 2017
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Cool Gadgets For This Christmas


Increasingly popular for Christmas are gadgets; no matter your age or sex. However, there are some really duff ones out there, as companies try and sell off plastic trash that will most likely break before the New Year. Have a look at these three cool gadgets, for an idea of some of the good ones available.

Quite simply, the Star Theatre Planetarium is mind-blowing. Using tech employed by commercial enterprises up and down the country, the dazzlingly bright white LEDs show real constellations in wonderfully reproduced detail.

We have all most likely wondered with awe at the display nature puts on each evening and now, this can be enjoyed whenever you fancy; even if you live in the densest of metropolises.

For something a little less glamorous, but far more practical, the Powermat has to be a contender when cool gadgets are being discussed.

This is the ultimate in wireless charging tech, working with some clever gadgetry that allows you to place your other kit on a pad to charge. With a simple connection to the compatible receiver, you no longer have to search for that missing charger and trip over all those wires.

There is a problem charging anything other than those gadgets above presently; but this can be done using the charge cube and USB connector that comes with the Powermat. Other receivers will be coming out in the New Year too, so it is well worth getting your hands on one now.

Finally, The Magic Wand Remote Control is a tad geeky, but, that doesn’t stop it from being cool either. If Hogwarts allowed TV, this is how Harry and Ron would control their AV kit.

Entirely free of annoying buttons, this wand learns up to- infrared codes from your existing collection of remotes. And then, you get to play Wizard, by performing a predefined gesture to do your bidding on practically any infrared device.

There are thousands of cool gadgets of course. These just happen to be the coolest.

Are you a fan of the latest Cool Gadgets? There are some incredible Electronics gadgets coming out! Be prepared for new speakers, mobiles and much more!

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